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Bicycle Parking Protocols

Effective Date: September 1, 2006

Policy Statement

This policy outlines the University's protocols for the storage and locking of bicycles on bike racks on the Morningside Heights campus.

Reason(s) for the Policy

This policy promotes a more bike-friendly environment at Columbia by maximizing the availability of bike rack parking and reducing the illegal locking of bikes to railings and stairwells.

Primary Guidance to Which This Policy Responds

There is not a primary policy to which this policy responds. It is independent of other University policies and is consistent with ensuring the availability of sufficient bike rack parking for those who desire it.

Responsible University Office & Officer

The Department of Public Safety is responsible for implementing, maintaining and enforcing this policy. The Associate Vice President for Public Safety is the Responsible Officer.

Revision History

This policy was established in August, 2006.

Who is governed by This Policy

All faculty, staff, affiliates, students and visitors of and to the University who utilize the bike racks on campus.

Who Should Know This Policy

All faculty, staff, affiliates, students and visitors of and to the University who utilize the bike racks on campus.

Exclusions & Special Situations

There are no exclusions or special situations at this time. Policy TextIn order to ensure the availability of sufficient bike rack parking, the Department of Public Safety has adopted the following bicycle parking policy for the Morningside Campus.

Extended Storage

In order to maximize availability of bike rack parking, it is important that bike racks not be used for extended storage of bicycles. Therefore, bikes that are stored at bike racks for extended periods of time will be subject to removal by Public Safety/Facilities personnel. Trained Public Safety personnel will conduct bi-weekly inspections and identify bikes which, based on appearance and other factors, are most likely abandoned. The bikes will then be tagged with a notice and after a grace period of 21 days the bikes will be removed and stored at the Department of Public Safety. Persons wishing to reclaim their bicycles may do so by providing evidence of ownership and paying a storage fee.

At the end of each academic year, unclaimed bicycles will be disposed of.

Illegally Secured Bicycles

There will be a renewed effort to eliminate the illegal locking of bikes to railings, stairwells, etc. Signs proscribing illegal locking of bikes will be posted at problematic locations. Thereafter, Public Safety personnel will secure illegally locked bikes with an additional lock marked with Public Safety contact information. Offenders will then have to report to Public Safety in order to have their bicycles released.


Responsible Officer - responsible for implementing the bicycle parking policy.

Responsible Office - responsible for establishing, implementing, maintaining and enforcing the bicycle parking policy.

Public Safety/Facilities Personnel - responsible for notification and removal of bicycles that are stored on racks for an extended period of time, locking illegally secured bicycles, and releasing stored bicycles to those who rightfully reclaim them.

Grace Period

The current grace period for bicycle removal is 21-days after notification

Storage Fee

The current storage fee is $2.00 per day