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Campus Mail

Intercampus Mail

When sending intercampus mail always include the receiving department's Mail Code (see Columbia University directory). The Central Mail Room distributes intercampus mail to all Morningside departments, Barnard College, Harlem Hospital, the Health Science Division, Lamont Doherty, Teachers College, 1700 Broadway, and the Interchurch Center. For questions concerning intercampus mail please call 212-854-2081.

There are slots for intercampus mail on opposite sides of the mailboxes on both the third and fourth floors at Lerner.

Outgoing Postal Mail

Outgoing mail with postage can be dropped off at the Lerner Undergraduate Mail Service. The facility can only accept envelopes weighing between one and twelve ounces. Items over twelve ounces and any boxes must be taken to the U.S. Post Office located on 112th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue.

There are slots for outgoing USPS mail on both the third and fourth floors.