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Card Access

Card Access Policy for Morningside Campus


Many University buildings have a card access system which is activated by the CUID. The CUID serves as identification to access many of the University’s facilities, services and resources.


Access to the gym can be obtained at the Dodge Physical Fitness Center. Access to the residential halls can be obtained at 125 WALLACH. You can also have “Dining Dollars” placed on the CUID to purchase food and beverages at University food services and vending machines. “Dining Dollars” may be purchased at Dining Services administrative offices in 118 HARTLEY on the Morningside Campus.


There is also a bar code on the CUID. The libraries use the bar code to determine your borrowing privileges. If you are experiencing problems related to your borrowing privileges contact the Library Information Office, 234 Butler, 854-2271.


To obtain a CUID: Non-students on the Morningside campus must bring a letter of appointment from the department supervisor or administrator to the ID CENTER at 204 KENT HALL. The memo, written on letterhead, should contain your name, social security number, title/position and status of employment. A separate memo must be prepared for the University’s Security Database Office (112 LOW LIBRARY) which indicates the above information as well as the building into which the employee is authorized access. If you have recently changed schools, you need to go to the ID CENTER (204 KENT) to have your ID card replaced. If you are a new Student, your access might not have been activated as of yet but this will normally take place within 72 hours, also check with the Library Information Office at 234 BUTLER to verify if your library privileges have been activated.


If you would like to email an access request to our Database Coordinator, please click here:


Please make sure to include the following information: Name, SS#, School/Department, area you are requesting access for, and who authorized your access.


Card Access Policy for Medical Center Campus


CPMC ID cards are issued to employees upon receipt of an authorizing letter from your department. All CPMC ID cards that are issued to employees are pre-programmed with minimum access privileges to various locations at Black Bldg., PH and the P&S complex.


While this may be sufficient for some of employees’ access needs, we strongly recommend that all employees come to the Security Office at 109 Black Building to have their ID card information and access level modified to meet their exact requirements upon receiving a new or replacement ID Card. The Security Office accepts access applications 24 hours a day. In most cases, an application will be processed by the next business day. Please test your ID card and call Security at 7-8100 if your card does not work 2 business days after you fill out your access application. Anyone who has special access needs to a restricted area must obtain proper authorization in a memo format and submit to the Security office for any change to be made to the database.