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Use of University Name, Facilities and Equipment

Issued: January 1, 1993

Last Reviewed:  July 1, 2004

The University designates specific external organizations for campus-wide drives.

Under no circumstances shall an employee use the University name, its offices and grounds, its facilities, or its resources, including local mail service and telephones, to solicit in any manner without the prior permission of the Vice President, Human Resources.

Persons who are not employees of the University are not permitted to distribute material or solicit employees for any purpose whatsoever on University property at any time. Employees are not permitted to distribute material in working areas at any time. Employees who are working, or who are on their free time, are not permitted to distribute materials to, or solicit employees who are supposed to be working. This includes religious, charitable, commercial or other types of solicitations.

The University is prohibited by law from engaging in partisan political campaign activity. Accordingly, employees are prohibited from using the University name or any of its facilities or property in support of or in opposition to any political candidate.