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Affiliates Policy

This guide sets forth the policies of Columbia University with respect to its: academic and business relationships with independent organizations; establishing an affiliated corporation; and the organizational and fiscal requirements for affiliated entities.

Academic and Business Relationships with Independent Organizations

Columbia University ("the University") may choose to enter into ongoing academic or business relationships with separately incorporated entities for various reasons.  Although these entities are independent of the University, the purpose of this policy is to define the various types of relationships and reference the University's policies and procedures governing them.

Establishing a University-Related Affiliated Corporation

The University may seek to affiliate itself with separately incorporated related organizations over which it has control and an in which it has an economic interest.  These entities are consolidated in the University's financial statements as required by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants' Statement of Position 94-3.

Organizational and Fiscal Requirements for University-Controlled Affiliated Entities

The University may own, control, or have an economic interest in certain separately incorporated organizations.  These entities are consolidated for reporting purposes in the University's financial statements and are expected to comply with the requirements set forth in this policy.

A "Controlled Affiliate" entity, as set forth in the policy entitled, "Academic and Business Relationships with Independent Organizations" is expected to be operated in an appropriately controlled and fiscally responsible manner.  Therefore, the University requires that there be a means by which the University maintains fiscal familiarity and comfort with the affiliate organizations as a condition for the use of the University's name and / or resources.

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