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Bicycle Safety on the Morningside Campus


Effective Date: May 13, 2010

Revised Date:   August 2017


Policy Statement

Columbia University encourages the use of non-motorized
transportation but recognizes that it is necessary to establish campus guidelines for the safety of pedestrians, non-motorized device operators, and the campus population.


Reasons for the Policy

In order to promote the safety of bicycle riders and pedestrians, this policy describes guidelines that have been developed for the
use of bicycles on campus. Individuals who ride bicycles must exercise sound judgment and courtesy at all times while operating bicycles. It is important that each rider act in a responsible manner so that others will not be hurt.


Primary Guidance to Which This Policy Responds

The policy responds to the University's policy on Bicycle Parking,
which is found in the Administrative Policy Library.


Responsible University Office & Officer

The Vice President, Public Safety, is responsible for the
development, implementation and maintenance of this policy. The University's Office of Public Safety, Morningside, is responsible for maintaining the


Revision History

This policy was established in May, 2010. This is the first
revision to it.


Who is Governed by This Policy

All faculty, staff and affiliates of the University and all
visitors to the Morningside Campus.


Who Should Know This Policy

All faculty, staff and affiliates of the University and all
visitors to them on the Morningside Campus.


Exclusions & Special Situations

The University's uniformed Public Safety Bicycle Patrol
officers, in the performance of their duties, are exempt from any requirements in this policy, provided that they exercise due caution and discretion in the performance of their duties.


Policy Text


To see the full text of this policy, please use the link on
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