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Columbia University Corporate Card Policy

Effective Date: November 2016



The Corporate Card is a credit card which can be used by individuals to pay for University-approved travel-related expenses and University-approved business expenses.  There is no annual fee associated with the card.  The cardholder is responsible for paying all charges on the card directly to the designated card provider and is responsible for submitting a Travel and Business Expense Report (TBER) for reimbursement of University authorized approved travel-related and business expenses.



This policy defines the circumstances under which a faculty or staff member may apply for and use the Corporate Card for official University-approved travel-related and business expenses. The Corporate Card may not be used for personal purchases and expenses.  The employee may only use the Corporate Card while employed by the University; once an employee is separated from the University, the Corporate Card will be cancelled.The Columbia University Corporate Card is a credit card which can only be used by active employees for University-authorized business and travel expenses. The Corporate Card neither improves nor impacts an employee’s personal credit history. Employees are not required to utilize the University’s Corporate Card.  Employees have the option of using personal credit cards for University-authorized travel-related and business expenses and requesting reimbursements of those expenses.Accounts Payable reserves the right to review Corporate Card statements and transactions for compliance with Corporate Card Policies and University Travel and Business Expense Policies.

Accounts Payable reserves the right to deny a Corporate Card application and reserves the right to terminate a Corporate Card at any time with cause (i.e., violation of policy or payment delinquency).


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