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Copyright Policy

Policy Statement

This policy provides guidance to faculty, administrators and staff on copyright law and its application to the copying of print material for academic use. The primary focus of the statement is on the use of "course packs", but it also addresses other uses of copyrighted materials for academic use. The policy statement is divided into three parts: It (1) provides general information about copyright law, (2) sets forth the rules for determining whether permission is needed to reproduce written materials, and (3) provides guidance on how to obtain permission when it is needed.

Reasons for the Policy Statement

This policy helps ensure that all members of the Columbia community have the information and support needed to comply with copyright law and University policy.

Responsible University Office

The Office of the Provost is responsible for oversight of this policy and for responding to questions regarding the policy and its implementation. However, legal questions concerning copyright law and its application to the reproduction of print materials should be directed to the Office of the General Counsel.

Who is Governed by this Policy

All members of the University community, as well as anyone working on behalf of the University, are required to comply with this policy.

Who Should Know about this Policy

All faculty members, administrators and staff who play a role in copying print materials or authorizing others to copy print materials.