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Emergent Care for Morningside Faculty and Staff

Effective Date: September 1, 2006


Policy Statement

This policy outlines the circumstances under which Morningside faculty and staff may access emergent care through Columbia Health.


Reasons for the Policy

This policy defines for Morningside faculty and staff:

  • The limited circumstances whereby care may be accessed at Columbia Health.
  • The circumstances whereby Columbia Health is unable to provide care.

Primary Guidance to Which this Policy Responds

There is not a primary policy to which this policy responds.


Responsible University Office and Officer

Columbia Health is responsible for the maintenance of this policy, and for responding to questions posed regarding this policy.  The Associate Vice President/Medical Director of Columbia Health  is the Responsible Officer.


Revision History

This policy was established in August 2006.


Who Is Governed By This Policy

All staff and faculty of the Morningside Campus.


Who Should Know This Policy

Senior Executive Officers, Deans, Vice Presidents, Chairs, Senior Administrative Officers, Departmental Administrators.


Policy Text

Morningside faculty and staff may access care from Columbia Health in the following limited circumstances:

  • For urgent medical issues of an acute nature with sudden onset of symptoms that occur while working on the Morningside campus and the faculty and/or staff member is physically unable to travel to see their primary care provider.  This care will be delivered at Medical Services, 4th Floor, John Jay Hall.  After the visit, the faculty and/or staff member will be referred to their primary care provider for follow-up care and necessary diagnostic testing.
  • For medical emergencies that occur on the Morningside campus, Columbia University Emergency Medical Services (CUEMS) is available to all Morningside faculty and staff and may be accessed by calling Public Safety at (212) 854-5555.
  • True psychiatric emergencies are appropriately addressed in a hospital Psychiatric Emergency Room; Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) can assist in directing employees to the nearest ER.  For other urgent and serious mental health issues that require immediate attention, when the Employee Assistance Program cannot be accessed, Morningside faculty and staff may use CPS for consultation only.  Consultations are limited to one visit, and may include telephone follow-up to arrange referrals for ongoing care outside CPS.  In the event of a campus wide tragedy or emergency, CPS provides support and post-vention services to faculty and staff as well as students, primarily in group settings.
  • Columbia Health is unable to provide care in the following circumstances:
    • Medical evaluations for illnesses or injuries related to Workers Compensation claims.
    • Mental Health evaluations related to substance abuse.
    • Medical care for non-urgent conditions.
    • Mental Health care for non-urgent conditions.
    • Preventative medicine.
    • Medical care for chronic ongoing conditions.
    • Mental health care for chronic ongoing conditions.

All records related to services provided under the above circumstances will be kept in strict confidence according to the most recent HIPAA regulations.


Copies of medical records will be provided to Morningside faculty and staff when requested after completion of an Authorization for Release of Health Information consent form available at Columbia Health.  Copies will be made available in no more than ten business days and can be mailed or picked up by the Morningside faculty and/or staff member at Columbia Health.