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Fire Safety Policy and Procedures: Morningside Campus

Effective Date: January 10, 2008

Policy Statement

This policy outlines the University's protocols for fire safety, including fire prevention, fire incidents, fire alarms system inspection and testing, fire drills, and life safety requirements for places of assembly.


Reasons for the Policy

Fire in a University building has the potential to endanger lives and destroy property.  The purpose of this policy is to promote the safety of the University community, prevent damage to University property and to comply with federal, state, city and university regulation and policy.  Every member of the campus community is responsible for preventing and properly handling common fire hazards, and for familiarity with proper emergency procedures and phone numbers. 


Responsible University Office & Officer

Morningside Facilities Operations is the responsible office for fire and life safety and fire systems.  The Director of Fire Safety is responsible for the development, implementation and maintenance of this policy as it relates to fire and life safety.  

The Director of Fire Systems is responsible for the maintenance of this policy as it relates to fire system service maintenance and testing.  


Revision History

This policy was revised on March 22, 2016


Who Is Governed By This Policy

All faculty, staff, affiliates, students and visitors of and to the Columbia University environs are governed by this policy.


Who Should Know This Policy

All faculty, staff, affiliates, students of the University.


Exclusions & Special Situations



Policy Text


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