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Lerner Hall General Use and Safety Policies

Posting Guidelines

Bulletin boards are located throughout Lerner Hall and are intended for the use of recognized University organizations and departments only. You may post announcements, flyers, and similar material in these designated areas using tacks, pushpins, or masking tape. Boards will be completely cleared of all materials each Sunday night. You may not affix flyers, posters, or other printed material to surfaces other than designated areas within the building. Such posting will be removed regularly by building staff.

"Take One" Boxes

Take-one boxes are located at the end of each bench on the 3rdand 4thfloor ramps of Lerner. These locations are made available for the distribution of publications by recognized University organizations and departments. Old and expired issues of publications will be removed from the take-one boxes by Lerner Hall staff to make room for current materials on a regular basis.


Banners related to student events and activities may be hung at approved locations inside Lerner Hall and will be coordinated and scheduled by Lerner Hall staff. You may reserve space for banners by filing a space use request signed by your recognized student group's advisor. We will use our best efforts to keep banners hung for the length of the requested time period. Banners may be no larger than 8' in length and 6' in height. Fire-safety concerns require that banners must be made of fire-retardant materials or treated with a fire-retardant chemical. Lerner staff will hang and remove banners. Please see sections on Ramps, Windows, and Ledges.


Temporary decorations in meeting or event rooms and public space may be approved by the Lerner Event Management Office where conditions allow. In Lerner Hall, runaway helium balloons present a unique challenge. Therefore, in the interest of not having to chase them out one of our 32 skylights, they are not permitted. Unfortunately, any damages caused by the use of decorations can result in charges to the event sponsor. Materials, including printed materials, banners and decorations that do not follow the above guidelines or have not been approved will be removed. We regard safety as a serious issue in Lerner Hall. Therefore, we do have rules in place to ensure a healthy and safe environment for our visitors.


Smoking is prohibited in any indoor area at the University that is open to the public. For further information, please refer to the University policy detailed in FACETS. Under the City Smoke Free Air Act of 1995, the University has an obligation to inform persons smoking in restricted areas that they are doing so. Certain employees have been designated in the various schools and departments as being responsible for informing persons who smoke in restricted areas that they are in violation of the law and University policy.


Dogs, cats and other pets and animals are prohibited from the premises of Lerner Hall unless assisting a disabled individual.

Bicycles, Skateboards, Rollerblades, Roller-skates or Other Devices with Wheels

In the interests of public safety, and because of the very nature of the design and use of the building, you may not use skateboards, in-line skates, bicycles and similar devices with wheels on the ramps. Only approved delivery carts, hand-trucks or devices may be used elsewhere in the building.  

Elevator Safety

Although general elevator-safety rules seem obvious, they are worth affirmation. In this case, be kind to an elevator and do not tamper with its equipment or controls, nor pry or hold open its doors by the edges. It is also important to be aware of an elevator's capacity, posted in the car, so that it is not exceeded. In case an elevator stops between floors, use the emergency phone located in the elevator car, which will provide direct access to Campus Security. Report your location, nature of the problem and number of passengers in the elevator. Never attempt to exit a car that is stuck between floors without directions and assistance from University Emergency personnel or New York City Emergency Services personnel. An emergency alarm inside the car can also be sounded for any problems. And please remember that elevators are never to be used during a fire emergency. Report elevator malfunctions to Facilities at x4-4700. Please be sure to tell them the location and nature of the problem.

Roofs and Balconies

Only authorized University staff may access roof and balcony areas.

Weapons and Hazardous Material

The possession or use of firearms such as air rifles, air pistols, ammunition or gunpowder is prohibited in Lerner Hall. In addition, the presence or use of explosive or combustible material, fireworks, knives, martial-arts weapons or other weapons considered to be dangerous is prohibited.

Ramps Windows and Ledges

Throwing or dropping objects from ramps, windows or ledges, whether accidental or deliberate, is a severe infraction of University regulations. Sitting or standing on a window or building ledge or allowing feet and/or legs to dangle over the edge of windows, ledges or ramps is strictly forbidden. In addition, no objects, banners, or flags may be placed on ledges or allowed to hang outside of windows. For banners, please see previous Banners section.

Fire Safety

If you discover a fire, pull the nearest fire alarm immediately. Fire-alarm boxes are located on every floor of Lerner Hall, next to exits. If a telephone is available, call the emergency number for your campus (x99 for Morningside) and report the fire to Security, who will contact the Fire Department. Leave the building at once and stand by to direct emergency teams to the location of the fire. Be aware that transmitting a false alarm is a criminal offense that endangers the lives of both building occupants and emergency personnel. It is also an offense to prop open fire doors, tamper in any way with alarm equipment, electromagnetic locks or other safety and security devices, or to obstruct paths of exits. Lerner Hall has automatic fire-detection equipment that sounds an alarm and transmits it to Security and to the Fire Department upon activation of any device. If you hear an alarm sounding, do not assume that it is a test; rather exit the building immediately by the nearest fire stairway. Do not use the elevator. All building alarm systems are tested, as required by law, but these tests are announced in advance. Treat every alarm as an emergency, unless you have received advanced notification. NYC-fire code does not permit live holiday decorations, such as trees or wreaths, in Lerner Hall. Artificial greens must have certificates of flame proofing. In addition, NYC-fire code does not permit open flames in the building without express written approval.

Commercial Space

Only commercial activities authorized by Lerner Hall administration are allowed within the building.

Personal Belongings

For your own protection, please be aware of the whereabouts of your personal property and do not leave belongings unattended even for a brief period.