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Mail Services

Administrative Mail Services

101 Service Building, Mail Code 5701

Telephone: (212) 854-2081


Incoming Mail

The Administrative Mail delivers incoming United States Postal Service (USPS) mail and picks up local and outgoing mail on Columbia's campuses. Mail to any of the University's locations is delivered free of charge.

Incoming mail to the University must follow the following format:

Columbia University

Personal Name

Program, Title, or Department

Mail Code (4 digit)

Street Address, Room Number

New York, NY Zip


The Post Office would prefer that building names not be used; instead, use the complete street address of the building in the address block. Listings of these addresses can be found in the campus online directory. If you feel that it is important to use the building name, that name should appear below "Columbia University" and above the street address. It is important that the room number be placed on the street address line. Inclusion of the mail code on all incoming US mail is extremely important for delivery of your correspondence. It is also important that the mail code be placed above the street address, since the Post Office's scanning equipment could read it in error and delay your mail.

Outgoing Mail

Outgoing mail is metered by Administrative Mail on a daily basis. Mail to be metered should be bundled and placed in the large boxes labeled "Outgoing Mail" located in your building's central mailbox area. All outgoing requests must be submitted with a Mail Meter Request Form. Domestic and international mail must be bundled separately.

The mail metering machines are able to seal regular #10 envelopes only. All larger envelopes must be sealed before dropping them for pick-up. If you need any information concerning mailings or available options, please contact Administrative Mail at (212) 854-2081.

All outgoing mail must be official University business and must include a Columbia University return address. Personal mail such as utility, credit card, bank, and mortgage statements will not be processed. Any variance from this guideline will require a written request for waiver by the department chair or director.

Intercampus Mail and Mail Codes

All permanent employees on the Morningside campus have been assigned a four-digit mail code to expedite the sorting and delivery of US and internal campus mail. Staff and department mail codes can be found via the online Columbia University Directory.

Note: The Medical Center, Harlem Hospital, Lamont-Doherty, and Nevis employees are not included in this coding process.

The following will help in understanding the components of the code: the first two digits represent the building where the employee works; the last two digits represent the department and/or specific location (box) where mail will be delivered within the building.

The mail code is not related to the actual room in which you work. If you remain in your current job but simply change office location within the same building, there is no change in the mail code. If you change jobs or relocate to another area of the campus, a new mail code must be assigned. All reassignments of existing mail codes should be modified through your departmental administrator or by calling (212) 854-2081.

Local campus mail should be in the following format:

Personal Name

Program, Title, Department

Building Name

Mail Code

Overnight Deliveries

Departments seeking guaranteed next-day deliveries must make arrangements with Federal Express to set up standard overnight service.

Mass Mailings

To process mass mailings, call Columbia Print at (212) 854-3233. A list of mailing lists for campus mailings is available online at