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Morningside Campus Display Cases

Effective Date: April 2011

Policy Statement

The policy for on-campus display cases sets forth the standards and requirements for assigning installing, and maintaining display cases along Columbia University's College Walk. Cost issues are also addressed.

Reason for the Policy

This policy is instituted to provide guidance regarding the assignment of display cases, the aesthetic consistency and quality control among the display cases, materials used to construct them and obligations to keep posted materials current.

Primary Guidance to Which This Policy Responds

There is no primary policy to which this policy responds. It is independent of other policies of the University.

Responsible University Offices & Officers

All requests are overseen by Columbia University Facilities (CUF) in consultation with Columbia University's Office of Communications and Public Affairs.  The Executive Vice President for Facilities is the responsible officer.

Who is Governed by This Policy

All University faculty and staff representing recognized departments and or organizations requesting display cases, or who are currently assigned a display case location.

Who Should Know This Policy

Senior executive officers, deans, vice presidents, chairs of departments, directors of institutes and centers, senior administrative officers, and departmental administrators.

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