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Non-Resident Aliens, Payments to

The types of payments we can make to non-resident aliens depend upon their visa status. Some may be given compensation while others can only be reimbursed for expenses. Still others may not be given any form of payment. IRS regulations and University policies further limit the types of payments non-resident aliens receive.

To determine a non-resident's eligibility for payments from Columbia based on his or her INS Status, refer to the Eligibility for Payments/Salary by Columbia University Based on INS and IRS Guidelines.

Honorarium payments will be processed by the Payroll Department as ZT transactions. Reimbursements to eligible non-resident aliens will be processed through the Accounts Payable Department. Departments should submit a Check Request with supporting documentation and a photocopy of Form I-94 or I-94W.

Payments to consultants who are non-resident aliens and who have completed their work while living and working outside of the United States will be processed through Accounts Payable. Departments should submit an invoice with supporting documentation.