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Participation by Small Business, Minority Owned Firms, and Women's Business Enterprises

Vendor Selection and Quotation Guidelines

It is the policy of Columbia University that small business concerns, particularly those owned and controlled by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals or women, shall have the maximum practicable opportunity to provide goods and services to the University. This policy recognizes the University's obligation to promote and develop small business firms and bring them into the mainstream of American economic society. Further, it is the policy of the University to award competitively bid orders to these business groups when they have been pre-qualified and are equal to or are the lowest bid.

In accordance with Executive Order 11246 and Public Law 95-507 and their implementing regulations, as well as OMB Circular A-110 § __.44(b), the University will make efforts to afford small businesses, minority-owned firms, and women?s business enterprises maximum practicable opportunities to compete for University business. See Appendix 9 — Columbia University Small Business Concerns Policy Statement