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Policy Governing Lobbying Activites

Effective Date: April, 2013

Latest Revision:  March 1, 2016 


Policy Statement

Lobbying is a process of communicating with lawmakers and other public officials to advocate and help shape public policy on laws, regulations, and other governmental matters at any level of government. As long as these communications are conducted and reported in compliance with all applicable laws, lobbying is an appropriate way for the University to inform policy makers about the educational, research, and other interests of Columbia University. Columbia University strictly complies with all lobbying laws and regulations.


Reason for the Policy

The reason for the policy is to ensure compliance with federal, state and city lobbying rules and requirements.


Primary Guidance to Which This Policy Responds

There is not a primary policy.


Responsible University Office and Officer

Office of the General Counsel 

Responsible Officer: Michael E. Feiler



Who is Governed by This Policy

All University employees.


Who Should Know This Policy


All University employees, especially those employees engaged in lobbying activities or those employees considering engaging in lobbying activities.


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