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Receiving Policy

Effective date: July 9, 2012

Policy Statement

The following policy provides guidance and instructions to faculty, staff and others with respect to goods and services  that require receiving, prior to payment,  in accordance with University policy, and direction on goods that must be have a record of receipt in the University's financial system (ARC) upon delivery.

Reason for Policy

The policy ensures that those goods and services requiring formal receiving and acceptance are identified and that the respective receiving procedures are clearly articulated. The policy is designed to set out the receiving process within the University's financial system (ARC), the receiving process for select leased equipment, and the receiving process for services.  

Primary Guidance to Which this Policy Responds

This policy responds to the University Purchasing policy and requirements associated with restricted commodities, the leasing policy, as well as best practices associated with the acquisition of goods and services.

Responsible University Office & Officer

Responsible University Office:  Procurement Services - Purchasing and Accounts Payable

Responsible University Officer:  Vice President for Procurement Services

Who is Governed By This Policy

This policy applies to everyone working at the University, or working on behalf of the University, who plays a role in committing resources, procuring products and services and paying for goods and services at the University.

Who Should Know This Policy

All University employees or others responsible for any aspect of purchasing goods and services on behalf of the University should be familiar with and guided by this policy.

Exclusion and Special Situation

Purchases of animals and animal-related products, without purchase orders,  by the Institute of Comparative Medicine is not governed by this policy, and is covered by ICM policy. Any purchases of animals and animal related products through a purchase order, by ICM or other University departments, is governed by this policy. 

Some restricted commodities may have additional requirements or restrictions governing their physical receipt. 

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