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Senior Faculty Apartment Renovation Policy



Effective Date: April 1, 2009

Policy Statement

This policy describes the process by which the University determines the work to be done at University expense in apartments in existing buildings leased to senior faculty members and the circumstances under which additional custom work may be done at the tenant’s expense.

Reason for Policy

It is the University’s policy to bring vacant apartments to a state of good repair and functionality prior to occupancy by a new tenant. Because of the variability in rates of unit turnover and condition of the University’s housing portfolio, the scope of work necessary to accomplish these objectives can vary considerably. This policy outlines the principles which guide project managers in determining the scope of work necessary to meet University standards. In some instances faculty members wish to make changes or upgrades to the space which are beyond the standard scope of work therefore, procedures have been established for the University to approve these changes and to determine the amount of reimbursement required from the faculty member.

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