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Statement of Ethical Conduct and the Administrative Code of Conduct

Policy Statement

Columbia University is a world-class university dedicated to teaching, research, and clinical care. In addition to all of the students and faculty that compose the Columbia community, thousands of staff members are also members of that community. Columbia is not only a place where students, faculty, researchers and clinicians come to do their best work, but also a place where thousands of staff members come to do their best work to advance the various missions of the University.

It is, therefore, essential to promote an environment that allows everyone who is a part of the Columbia community to do their best work, be respected, and have as positive an experience as possible at the University. These expectations are in alignment with the University's high ethical standards and with its goal to continually improve, maintain its status as a world-class university and be an employer of choice.


Reason for the Policy

This policy has been developed to promote the environment of respect that is central to success of the University and the individuals who work here. The policy articulates the principles that govern interactions at the University and some of the basic expectations that flow from those principles.


Primary Guidance to Which this Policy Responds

There are a number of policies that cover specific interactions and situations. This policy does not replace those policies; it provides a framework for them. While this policy does articulate a basic set of expectations and provides examples toarticulate some of these expectations, neither is meant to be comprehensive.


Responsible University Office

Office of the General Counsel


Who Is Govern By This Policy

The Statement of Ethical Conduct sets expectations for all officers of instruction, research, libraries, athletics, and administration; support staff; and students to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct. The Administrative Code of Conduct specifically applies to Officers of Administration, people applying to the University to be Officers of Administration, and vendors working on behalf of Officers of Administration. As a statement of principles based on the values of the University, the Administrative Code of Conduct can certainly provide sound advice and direction for all interactions between all members of the Columbia community. The guiding principle in this document is respect and the primary goal is the promotion of a positive working environment. Both of these values are community values and, therefore, are the responsibility of everyone. Regardless of the role someone plays at the University or the level he or she has in an organizational hierarchy, each person has a responsibility to adhere to these principles and promote a positive working environment. Regardless of whether someone is working full time, part time, on a temporary basis or as a contractor working on campus for part of a day, each person is expected to adhere to these values and promote a positive working environment.


To see the full text of the Statement of Ethical Conduct and the Administrative Code of Conduct, please use the link on the right.


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