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A transcript is an official record of a student's entire tenure at Columbia. It reflects all coursework and grades per term for each school attended within the University. Other information on the
transcript includes:

  • Name as it appears in the Columbia University records
  • School and departmental affiliation
  • Degree/certificate program (if applicable)
  • Degree/certificate conferral date (if applicable)
  • Honors earned (if applicable)
  • G.P.A. (select schools only). Note: the G.P.A. will not
    be printed on transcripts of students who attended prior to 1982

Official transcripts cannot be produced for anyone whose record has been put on hold for an outstanding University obligation.


Ordering a Transcript

Current and former students who attended after 2001 must request transcripts online in SSOL. If you know your UNI, but have forgotten your password, please reset your password. Transcripts ordered through SSOL will be processed and mailed within 24 hours. You may also order a transcript in-person at the locations listed below. Your transcripts will be processed while you wait.



Student Services Online (SSOL)



Your official transcript will be processed while you wait at the locations listed below. Be sure to have a form if ID present for your request.



Morningside Campus

Student Service Center

Columbia University

205 Kent Hall, MC 9202

1140 Amsterdam Avenue

New York, NY 10027


Medical Center Campus

Student Administrative Services

Columbia University

630 W. 168th Street

Unit 45, Black Building

1st Floor, Room 141

New York, NY 1032