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Vehicle Acquisition, Operation and Disposal Policy

Latest Revision:  April 3, 2019


Policy Statement

Columbia University places the utmost importance on the safety of drivers and occupants of University vehicles. Those responsible for University vehicles, those who rent and lease vehicles for University business use, and those who use privately-owned vehicles on University business are expected to keep their vehicles in safe operating condition, obey traffic laws, and adhere to University policy. This policy sets forth the requirements pertaining to the acquisition, operation, and disposal of any University owned/leased vehicle as well as the operation of privately-owned vehicles used on Columbia business in the United States of America and its territories. This policy does not apply to vehicles owned and operated outside the Unites States.


Reason for the Policy

Columbia University wishes to protect its faculty, staff, and student body from the legal liabilities associated with the ownership and operation of vehicles through adherence with standardized rules and regulations pertaining to the care and use of University vehicles. Columbia University wishes to provide clear procedures regarding registration, insurance, and accident reporting processes as well as the acquisition, operation, and disposal of University vehicles.


Responsible University Office

Risk Management, Office of the Treasurer


Revision History: March 10, 2009



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