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Wire Transfers

Wire Transfers are used for payments to vendors outside the United States banking system. Payments to US residents or corporations with US bank accounts should be made by ACH.

All wire transfers (like all other payments from the University) are processed by the Accounts Payable Department. Please follow the procedures detailed below to ensure that your wire transfer request is processed as efficiently as possible.  For additional information, see the Accounts Payable website.


Wire Transfer Procedures


Use the standard check request form to prepare your wire transfer request. Please do not enter the invoice in AP/CAR. This will be done by the Accounts Payable Department.


Please follow the directions below for filling out the Wire Transfer Template for wire transfers. Your adherence to these directions will ensure faster and more accurate processing of your payment.

In order to send a wire you need to obtain the following information from the PAYEE/VENDOR:

Amount – Please write in the exact amount of the transfer and the full name of the type of currency (Eg. Euros, US Dollars). Note: When at all possible wires should be sent in US Dollars.

Beneficiary – Please provide the Beneficiary's name as noted on his account at the bank.

Beneficiary Account – The beneficiary’s account number at the beneficiary bank.

Beneficiary Bank –This is the name of the Bank where the vendor has his account. Please provide the address of the bank with any relevant branch information. It is also important to provide the following information:

Foreign Banks -   Swift Code (Eg. CHASUS33) and or,  Chips UID  IBAN (mandatory for European and some Middle Eastern banks)

and other codes available.


Note: In cases where there is a correspondent bank, it is preferred to get the beneficiary bank’s account number at the correspondent bank.

Correspondent Bank – This is an intermediary bank that will send the money to the beneficiary bank. Please provide the full address of the bank and the following information based on where the bank is located

US Banks   Fed Routing number (must be nine digits) (eg. ABA 021000021)

Foreign Banks -   Swift Code (e.g., CHASUS33) and or,  Chips UID (6 digit number, e.g., CH254457)   IBAN, if available

Sort Code.


Note: In many cases the funds are sent directly to the beneficiary bank and this section should be marked N/A

Comments: List only essential details that must be included in the payment details(i.e Invoice #, not to exceed 30 characters)


Attach your wire template to your Wire Transfer/ Check Request and send to:


New York, New York, NY 10027 Mail Code: 8733 ph: (212)-854-5731fx: (212)